Experience the latest updates in Mu Online! Discover improved drops, exciting new events, and much more!

Welcome to Mu Online

Welcome to muonline - Your Ultimate Gaming Destination!

Weve been hard at work ensuring your gaming experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some recent updates and improvements to enhance your adventure:

Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Spear Storm delay has been removed, ensuring smoother and more seamless combat.
  • The issue causing Light Wizards one-hit damage discrepancy on higher damage weapons has been fixed.
  • Internal recalculations across all classes have been implemented to eliminate peculiar damage cases.
  • Gun Crushers global PVM capabilities have been boosted for a more exhilarating gameplay experience.
  • Visual glitches with the (Supreme) King Dragon Staff have been resolved.
  • Red Knights sword upgrade path has been rectified, along with associated follow-up issues.
  • Supreme sets are now correctly restricted to their respective classes.

New Features and Content:

  • Stay up-to-date with our revamped news system, providing you with the latest information and updates.
  • Introducing our comprehensive Jewel Drop Guide on our website, helping you navigate the intricate world of riches: Jewel Drop Guide
  • XShop has undergone several improvements:
    • Wcoin Black Jewels have been replaced with Orange Jewels.
    • New amulets, flags, and Errtels have been added.
    • Minor description fixes have been implemented.

Event Updates:

  • Players in Icewind can now receive equipable flags, adding a personalized touch to your character.
  • Enjoy increased global Black Jewel drop rates on higher maps, alongside rare Elite and VIP wing jewel drops.
  • High Kingz Jewels now have an extremely low chance of dropping from the High Kingz Dragon Boss.
  • Acheron event monsters and bosses have been enhanced, offering improved rewards in the form of Wcoin and GP boxes.
  • Ruud boxes now drop at Blood Castle and Devil Square events, providing additional rewards.
  • Reset rewards may now include Ruud boxes, Jewels of Chaos, Life, and Soul, adding more variety to your loot.

Exciting New Events:

  • Join the Hide and Seek event, where youll hunt down NPCs in random coordinates and maps for rewarding loot, including 3 Orange Jewels and GP.
  • Participate in the Gift Code Event exclusively for Gun Crusher sets! Create your Gun Crusher character today and dive into the action by typing /gift-gc in-game.

Hot News:

  • Siege battles offer incredible rewards! Guild masters and alliance leaders can claim High Kingz Jewels or Orange Jewels, plus GP, based on their performance.
  • Winners of siege battles gain access to the Senior Mix feature, potentially crafting Emperor Jewels or earning Orange Jewels daily.

Experience the thrill of adventure like never before at RichMU! Join us now and embark on an epic journey filled with excitement and rewards.

Posted 19-03-2024