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Vox muonline season 16 - Ultra edition :-)

Welcome to our next phase mu online server, in this muonline edition we brought everything to the maximum. With over 700+ new muonline items to hunt ingame we make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy hunting our new bosses, events, and other special features!

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Our mu online server settings:

- 99.999 experience system plus improved master level 3rd and majestic 4th XP system improvements

- Start with freebies and start zen

- Free 50.000 wcoins for every 1 hour online ingame!

- Improved x-shop system to use all your wcoins on special items

- High chaos machine & socket, errtel/pentagram rates for faster reach the maximum and enjoy the PvP!

- New maps & zones to explore

- Full season 16 system

- Every 3 days siege event ( if guilds register off course )

- 24/7 online / longterm


Mu online season 17

Some awesome sets / wings & weapons in


Mu online many players


Mu online best set ever 2021


Posted 15 / 07 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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Mu online season 15
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