Muonline special features

Muonline special features:


1. Ice castle guild pvp event.

mu online season 17 episode 2 new events

Win this special event to gain wcoins and acces the icewind zones 1 & 2. 

On this realm roams new tough bosses that you will need to defeat, however the rewards are those strong items ( see picture above)


2. Custom jewel system

Upgrade your brilliant set with our new jewels to even stronger sets, we offer green/blue/red/orange brilliant sets and with our latest new jewel you can even upgrade them to VIP sets.

Keep upgrading your sets, to progress further against our new epic bosses!

Muonline new jewels

Upgrade your RUUD (brilliant) items with those new jewels, to make them even stronger!




Mu online - Special features

To improve the muonline gameplay we gladly introduce to you some good new features. Those features are an extension of the original mu online season 17 and we keep them integrated in future muonline season 18 updates and higher.


1. Muonline new bosses

We proudly introduce to you our new mu online boss system, if a boss spawns ingame there will be global notification with the mapname and coordinates. The boss itself will be a couple of minutes invulnerable (white glowing ball surrounds them) so all players can come fast to that specific location fast to hunt those monsters.

1. Furious dragon

Mu online furious dragon zeldamu

A muonline medium boss, this monsters spawns in many maps but will provide a challenge for  upcoming players. With his good item drops this monster will be keep worth hunting all the time if you encounter them.

2. Red Wolf

Mu season 17 - new epic bosses

An extremely powerfull mu online boss, this monster focus his power on pure attacks at the costs as his health. This means this muonline boss will do massive damage and have a high chance to PK your character if you won't pot or attack this mu online boss fast.

Spotted locations:

  • Loren deep event
  • Kubera mines
  • Land of trials

3. Hollow Knight

Muonline boss

4. Rathian boss

Muonline best boss ever

This muonline TIER 1 boss is dangerous

Spotted locations:

  • Davias Town
  • Boss Zone 2
  • Land of Trials

5. Golden Rathian

muonline golden rathian

6. Rathian

Muonline evil boss - season 18

7. Silver Wolf

muonline bosses - Silver Wolf

The mu online silver wolf boss is a tank, it specializes in defence at the cost of their attack power. This means this boss is tough to kill. It will take time but the items it drops, will be worth your while!

Spotted locations:

  • Boss zone
  • Silent map
  • Elbeland
  • Swamp of Calmness
  • Vulcanus
  • Urk Mountain
  • Nars

8. Giant Ogre

Muonline new bosses - mu online monsters 2022

Spotted locations:

  • Blaze Kethotum

9. Fire Dragon

Mu online fire dragon boss

10. Ice Golem

This muonline monster is another TIER 1 boss. Watch out, and don't be scared to form a good party.

Mu online new boss season 18

Spotted locations:

  • Kabura mine water


11. Poison Tree

Mu online poison tree boss

Spotted locations:

  • Old Kethotum

12. Cerebus

Muonline cerebus monster season 19 2022

The cerebus is a muonline 3 headed hound, this mu monster can be found on many maps


Muonline new item upgrade jewels.

After you gained the well known mu online RUUD sets, called Brilliant set you can now upgrade them to even better sets. With these muonline jewels you simply can upgrade them. Those special items can be gained from TIER 1 bosses or if collected enough WCOINS you can gain them from the mu online X-shop!




Posted 07/09/2022
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